Many people have hair or scalp problems. Hair may thin or fall out, break off or grow slowly. Dandruff or itching or peeling scalp may cause embarrassment or discomfort. Dandruff can affect the hair and scalps of men and women of every age. Dandruff can be caused by various factors, such as:

  • Irregular and insufficient shampooing
  • Cold and dry weather.
  • Excessive use of hair styling products such as hair gels, wax etc.

Dandruff And Hair Loss Treatment:

The most effective treatment for dandruff and hair loss is anti- dandruff shampoos and conditioners. Such hair care products contain chemicals. Even after rinsing hair with water, these chemicals are left behind on the scalp which prevents the re growth of the fungus on the scalp. Such anti dandruff shampoos are safe for regular use.

  • Add peppermint oil to shampoo and conditioner.
  • Massage hair with oils but make it sure that one does not keep the oil for more than 2 hours.

    Dandruff And Hair Loss Home Remedy:

    There are some natural home remedies which have no side effects such as given below:-

    • Massage hair with warm coconut oil twice a week.
    • Boil Neem leaves in water and use the water to rinse hair.
    • Massage scalp with a mixture made equal quantities of lime juice and vinegar and then one can wash hair with egg shampoo.
    • Make paste of Tulsi leaves and Amwla powder mixed with water and massage paste on the scalp let it remain for half or one hour and then wash hair with water.

    Dandruff And Hair Loss In Men

    In men with oily hair, the dandruff is also linked to hair loss. This type of dandruff appears on oily scalps, forming stubborn yellowy scabs, which are often quite itchy. Dry dandruff is those pesky little white flakes with fall like snow from the head and is easily noticed on the shoulders.

    Dandruff Thinning Hair:

    Healthy shiny hair is quite often one of the first things people look to when assessing the beauty of others, and it certainly takes up a good portion of time during the beauty preparation time for both men and women. And since beautiful and shiny hair is so often sought after, dandruff naturally creates an immense amount of pressure for those of us suffering from thinning hair.

    Anti Dandruff And Hair Loss Shampoo:

    Dandruff is a frustrating medical condition caused in sensitive skin, exposure to drying and irritants of the scalp and, occasionally fungal organisms. Instead, what happens is that dandruff causes itching of the scalp, and hair loss occurs when people scratch too vigorously. The shampoos that are used to treat dandruff are actually quite mild and are very unlikely to irritate the skin or to further contribute tohair loss.